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The new reality show “Private Lives of Nashville Wives” recently premiered on the TNT network. The show features one of Brentwood’s very own wives, Erika Page White.

White played Roseanne Delgado Vega on ABC’s soap opera “One Life to Live” from 1998 to 2001, and made a guest appearance on the series “Days of Our Lives.”

She now makes the transition from soap actress to one of the most difficult roles of her career: herself.

“It was definitely a struggle because I have been an actress my whole life. I’m used to playing a character and having a director tell me what to do, but this was a totally different experience,” White said. “I had a hard time just being myself.”


“Private Lives of Nashville Wives” centers on the social lives of six women who live in or around Nashville as the group deals with professional challenges and family issues. The show documents each person’s life and struggles, based around the music industry.

14322 erika page white“The show is unique in a lot of ways, especially because it focuses on all the different sides of the music industry, the good and the bad. You get to see the behind the scenes of Music City,” White said. “But you also take away the fact Nashville has such a diverse group of people, who are not the same but accept so many types of personalities.”

White married country music artist Bryan White in 2000 and the couple have two sons, Justin, 10, and Jackson, 8, who are featured on the reality show.

“The kids are usually in bed by the time the show airs, but we do show them the few parts they are in,” White said. “Between my husband and my careers, they are used to being in the public eye, but we do take a lot of care to protect them in what they are involved with. But the show really focuses on the couples.”

White is hesitant to give too much away, but promises some good entertainment in the weeks to come. Although most audiences have come to view reality TV as an exaggerated platform, White promises the drama in “Private Lives” is all real.

“Oh yeah, the confrontations are all real. I mean, when you have six different people with six different personalities, you’re going to have issues with or without cameras,” White said. “But in the end, we all made really strong connections and gained friendships.”  While White has expressed interest in another season of “Private Lives” if the show is renewed, her plans for the future are wide open.

“This whole experience has made me reflect and look at my life. I’m more grateful than ever. The door is open for me to act, to teach or to continue my work with the Ordinary Hero adoption agency,” said White, who was adopted a child. “Or even if I continue as a stay at home mom, I’d be more proud than ever. I have just come to value my life and my family so much.”