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Monday night’s (Feb. 24) premiere of the new TNT series Private Lives of Nashville Wives had friends and family crowded into the trendy Nashville restaurant Music City Tippler, just off Music Row, to help cast members Ana, Betty, Cassie, Erika, Jenny and Sarah celebrate its debut.

The opening seconds of the show brought loud applause for the new celebrities of Music City, who have opened their lives to scrutiny as they go about their normal routine of family and careers. The difference in these women and their counterparts on other “Housewives” shows is they are all married to power players.


Ana Fernandez and Betty Malo are twin sisters, with the latter married to Raul Malo, lead singer of The Mavericks. Cassie Chapman is married to Christian singer/songwriter Gary Chapman, while actress Erika Page White is married to singer Bryan White. Sarah Davidson is wife to hit songwriter Dallas Davidson and a singer/songwriter in her own right, while Jenny Terrell is married to JT Terrell, a top event and party producer in Nashville.

Watching themselves on the show was a new experience for most of the women. Sarah couldn’t believe that she didn’t smile much because “I smile a lot in real life,” she said. “It was interesting to see that when I’m being myself and serious I don’t smile.”

Sarah is optimistic that as the season progressed the girls will relax and not be so conscientious in front of the cameras. “The first show is introducing us and our families to the viewers. By episode eight I’m sure we will be more relaxed and more accustomed to the cameras being around us,” she said.

Cassie couldn’t believe that she was so serious during the interview that was done with her and Gary. “I was just sitting there and not laughing. I am always laughing, so it was funny to just be you and not be a character,” she remarked, echoing Sarah’s comments.

Betty says being in front of the camera is very different for her because it’s always been husband Raul who has been in the spotlight. “When I’m on the other side it is somewhat uncomfortable for me,” Betty admitted. “But I love Nashville and I am glad we get to show that it’s not Music City because of a singer, but because the industry of music is located here. It’s not just country music, and you really see that on this show.”

While most of the women are nervous in front of cameras, Gary says it was comfortable for him. “I had a lot of fun shooting the show. Viewers will get an honest look at the music industry here, and I’m looking forward to showing off Nashville,” he said.

Ana was all over the rooms where the party crowd was watching the show. “I’m having a blast,” she said, confiding, “but I’m scared to death at the same time.”

Erika brought six friends she has known for 15 years to meet her five new friends from the show. “It has been very exciting to be here and hear comments from everyone watching it,” she said.

Many of the attendees at the party were tweeting, and Erika was no exception. “Everyone who is answering my tweets likes the show, and they are comparing the sausage episode [where Erika is cooking sausage for her family] to the pig incident [where Ana and Betty decide to roast a pig but neither one wants to go and get it].”

Hubby Bryan White said being on the show is a great way to let his fans know what he is doing, which includes the release of an upcoming album, Shine.

“Any time there is something new in my career it’s exciting,” the singer said. “It’s great that fans can see my wife and me on TV. The fans will get an interesting unique look into the industry on both sides and see how it all works.”

Private Lives of Nashville Wives airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on TNT.