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The new reality show “Private Lives of Nashville Wives” recently premiered on the TNT network. The show features one of Brentwood’s very own wives, Erika Page White.

White played Roseanne Delgado Vega on ABC’s soap opera “One Life to Live” from 1998 to 2001, and made a guest appearance on the series “Days of Our Lives.”

She now makes the transition from soap actress to one of the most difficult roles of her career: herself.

“It was definitely a struggle because I have been an actress my whole life. I’m used to playing a character and having a director tell me what to do, but this was a totally different experience,” White said. “I had a hard time just being myself.”

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“The Private Lives of Nashville Wives” is quickly gaining quite a fan base. The show centers around six ladies living in Nashville. Erika Page White is married to Bryan White. Fans will remember White from her work on several soap operas, most notably Roseanne Delgado on “One Life to Live.” On March 3, Erika Page White granted the Chicago Television Examiner an interview via email. She shed light on family life and why she and her husband, Bryan White decided to do the show.

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Monday night’s (Feb. 24) premiere of the new TNT series Private Lives of Nashville Wives had friends and family crowded into the trendy Nashville restaurant Music City Tippler, just off Music Row, to help cast members Ana, Betty, Cassie, Erika, Jenny and Sarah celebrate its debut.

The opening seconds of the show brought loud applause for the new celebrities of Music City, who have opened their lives to scrutiny as they go about their normal routine of family and careers. The difference in these women and their counterparts on other “Housewives” shows is they are all married to power players.